Beyond the Badge to Now Support ALL 1st RESPONDERS!

Beyond the Badge NY was first created in September of 2019 to address the growing epidemic of law enforcement suicides by raising suicide and mental health awareness within the law enforcement community and breaking the stigma surrounding officers coming forward for mental health treatment that they seek and deserve. In the time since inception, we have been successful in assisting hundreds of officers in getting them the help they needed and back to good mental health. Whether it was a traumatic experience or the daily grind of the job that was responsible of wearing down the mental health of one of our brothers or sisters, we were able to provide the resources necessary to help the healing process begin. However, individuals in law enforcement aren’t the only ones suffering these days as we have recognized others struggling as well. Other first responders that are facing the same daily grind and responding to the same jobs law enforcement does day in and day out.

To this end, Beyond the Badge would like to announce that starting immediately, we will be supporting not only Law Enforcement on all levels of Government (Federal, State and Local) but Firefighters (volunteers included), EMS (EMT’s and Police Medics) and 911 operators and dispatch as well. Like we have been doing for Law Enforcement for the past three years, we will continue forward to raise suicide and mental health awareness for ALL FIRST RESPONDERS and their families!! Our first responders play an extremely important role in our communities and its time that they are recognized and supported for the heroes that they are!